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The Team

At Flimsy Bird Productions, we know how to create content that is of the highest quality, and most importantly, under budget.


Our Team


Yaniv Bercovitz

Writer, Producer, Director, Actor

Yaniv has been working in the industry since he was a teenager. Most recently he has co-starred in Amazon's Transparent, as well as Diablo alongside Scott Eastwood, Walton Goggins, and Danny Glover. He started Flimsy Bird Productions after producing his own story, Levels, understanding what it took to put a creative team together. 


Bryan Woodward

Producer, Director, Production Manager

After many years working throughout the industry, Flimsy Bird Productions was thrilled to welcome Bryan Woodward to the team. He has extensive experience, working on various TV shows and films such as: Lucha Underground (Netflix) and Black Dog, Red Dog (James Franco)

Bryan's Work

Matt Stanley

Director of Photography, Cinematographer

Matt joined the team at Flimsy Bird for their first production, Levels, and immediately showcased his skill and talent. The demands were high and required an incredible amount of knowledge. Matt adapted to each and every shot necessary without hesitation and delivered a gorgeous cinematic experience.


Tyler Hall

Producer, Production Sound Mixer

Tyler Hall is a successful talent manager, starting his own company, Left Field Management, where he represents an impressive list of talent. With an accomplished amount of experience behind the camera, along with state-of-the-art equipment, Tyler knows what it takes to bring a project to life with crisp, clear sound.

Tyler's Work

Myles Jones

Producer, Photographer

Myles has been working with a camera for 10 years. His specialty resides in his ability to capture portraits, and knowing exactly what it takes to bring the best out of people in front of the camera.


Andrew Jacquot

Editor, Assistant Director

Andrew studied film and production at Cal State Fullerton. He is certified in Final Cut Pro and has recently established himself as an expert in Adobe Premiere Pro as well. He is constantly up to date on the newest technology, and most importantly knows how to utilize it to put together a project the right way.


Trevor Messenger

Production Assistant/Set Decorator

Trevor is the most hard-working, enthusiastic person a team can have on their set. He knows exactly what to do and when to do it, no questions asked. Flimsy Bird is lucky to have him on the team as he brings intangible value.

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